Atlas of Vanishing Knowledge – 2012 Group Project

The Atlas of Vanishing Knowledge is the VABC 2012 Collaborative project. It is the work of 28 member-artists and binders using traditional printing methods in what appears to be part-reference work and in part-commonplace book for a vanishing world–backlit by the prospect of a 2012 apocalypse–a flawed but urgent bulwark against the erosions of time and human memory.

It is a handbound, cloth covered, coptic stitched, collection of 156 printed pages on Rives Lightweight paper. At 4″x6″ in page dimension, and about 1″ thick, it’s a sight both to be held and to behold.


Atlas of Secret Diseases
Team: Nancy Kober, Michael Swanberg, Lana Lambert, Dean Dass

Imaginary Body Parts
Team: Laura Pharis, Barbara Payne

Signs of the Time
Team: Addeane Caelleigh, Frank Riccio, Diane Ober, Bonnie Bernstein

Terms of Venery
Team: Roger Williams, Lana Lambert, Melanie Lower

Tousled Cliches
Team: Kevin McFadden, Jeff Pike

Strange Adventures in Love
Team: Dean Dass, Amanda Nelsen

Principal heads
Team: Dean Dass, Kristin Adolfson

The Climate
Team: Dean Dass, Amanda Nelsen, Erica Goldfarb

Tragic Performance: The Flower
Team: Josef Beery
Performers: Martha Mendenhall, Sian Richards, Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell, Kara McLane

Early Birds
Team: Rachel Singel, Garrett Queen

Phases of the Moon
Team: Bonnie Bernstein, Lana Lambert

Invasives – Matthew Gibson, Jennifer Billingsly, Caitlin Newman

Team: Kristin Adolfson, Lindsey Mears, Bonnie Bernstein