VABC’s Kickstarter Campaign — "Speaking in Faces" Successfully Closes

Speaking in Faces

And the great news is…

At 11:00am, May 19th we successfully closed out our Speaking in Faces Kickstarter Campaign

While we set out to raise $12,000 our final total is $15,086.

Thanks to all who supported this effort, by not only by contributing/backing, but by reaching out to your social-media contacts.

Now that the project is funded the “real work begins”.

While publication of Speaking in Faces is not scheduled until Spring of 2016, there’s a number of pre-production activities that can now begin.

We’ll need folks to help thoroughly catalog our type collection, distribute newly acquired type, and continue adding to the pages partially printed over the last 10 years.

Workshops and classes will be scheduled for the printing, meanwhile the cataloging can start immediately.

(please eMail your availability) [email protected]


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