Artist’s Book: Concept First, with Lyall Harris

Join us for a Virginia Festival of the Book event on Sunday, March 20 at Noon as book artist Lyall Harris (A Year in Books; 52 Weeks, 52 Books) shares examples from her exhibit, exploring considerations of book format and features that flow from concept to object. A discussion with Dean Dass and Amanda Nelsen, followed by a reception and demonstrations at the Virginia Arts of the Book Center book studio.

Book 15_Yew Seeds II_©Lyall Harris
Book 8_Frescoes Of Our Time_©Lyall Harris
Book 16_Sorry_©Lyall Harris
Book 3_The Elm From My Studio Window_©Lyall Harris
Book 40_Seeker_©Lyall Harris
Book 30_Stay_©Lyall Harris
Book 17_This Morning Before School_©Lyall Harris
Book 12_He Told Me His Name_©Lyall Harris


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