The Handmade Harvest (This Is the Year You Make Your Book)

minbook1Handmade Harvest participants! This spring, VABC is seeding the ground for a “Handmade Harvest” of hand-crafted books by VABC members to appear at the November 18 Raucous Auction

This year our goal is to allow individuals and small teams a support network of book artists and fine print specialists to make that book you’ve been just waiting to make. And what’s the goal–a small but nourishing crop of handmade books will appear this fall!

What’s the commitment? That you will make a book come to life. We’d like to keep in touch at a monthly meeting as you alone or you and your team sort through concept, materials, production, and binding of a small-run of books. Lots of room for independent work, but also plenty of room for idea exchange and inspiration as we all pledge to help each other make these books a reality!

Here’s a proposed schedule we’ll work over at our next meeting:

Wednesday, May 11 – 5PM – sketches, dummies, mockups, and storyboards

Wednesday, June 15 -5PM – materials and methods

Wednesday, July 21 – Materials Swap!

Wednesday, August 17 – 5PM – process and promotion (catching progress for blogposts)

September Wednesday night TBD- high-gear production

Wednesday, October 5 TBD – first photography copy due

Wednesday, November 2 – edition completed (minimum ten)