Handmade Harvest: City of Dante

img_1114City of Dante
A poem by Kevin McFadden, images by Jeff Pike

Limited edition of 30

Mohawk Superfine paper, Ricoh laserprint images and text, handbound with Iris Book cloth

Artists’ statement: “Shared through our work together at the Virginia Arts of the Book Center, the images put Kevin in the mind of a 2010 walk he had through the city of Florence when his father was in the tenth month of a difficult twelve-month decline. ‘Jeff’s images took me back there, to that strange and disassociated time, with many things I’d thought about then and in six years since. My father’s path of faith and my path of doubt met in this work. Jeff’s images shook loose many of those questions in me. The poems were my response. Apostasy is for beginners. It’s far more daring for a doubter to scratch his way toward an experience of belief than to abandon it altogether.’

When we set out, the challenge was not just poems that react to images, but images and text that interweave and create a new journey. Kevin worked from Jeff’s notes from the studies, finding connections in the places and gestures from the images. The Via Crucis offered structure, an ordering of the thoughts that became an ordering of the images.

The collaboration traveled both directions when Jeff read some poems and thought perhaps a few images might be framed to reflect those themes.

–Kevin McFadden and Jeff Pike
Charlottesville & St. Louis, 2016



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