Handmade Harvest: A Bumper Crop of Artists’ Books

handmade-harvest-case3We announced a theme at this year’s annual meeting in January: “This is the year you make your book.” We organized meetings to talk over ideas, brainstorm, then begin production on more than a dozen handmade books.

It wasn’t easy for a group accustomed to working on a collaborative project to find thirteen different paths to a book, but we got there.

The results are stunning. Some are in the craft tradition, others in the fine print tradition, others came to being as artist’s books. Some used only traditional methods like letterpress and others blended digital printing with hands-on bookbinding. They all have this in common–made by hand by VABC members in small press runs.

We invite you to join us for the opening of the Handmade Harvest collection during the 12th annual Raucous Auction. Each of these books will be silent auctioned individually, and one complete collection will go to the winner of the raffle. Buy a ticket to have a chance–then use your ticket to join us in celebration!




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