Handmade Harvest: Artifact Narrative #1

unknown-3Artifact Narrative #1
Book Artist: Katie Towson

Edition of 10
6 ⅜” x 3 ¼” x 1” (12 panels)
Accordion configuration with enclosures and removable card inserts.  Images and map created from historical documents, photographs, multi-media collage and stamped text.   Wood for book covers harvested from the site.

Archival Paper, Ink, Linen Thread, Twine, Glue
Redbud twig fastener and untreated Walnut book covers

Artist’s Statement: 

This book of musings is a narrative of archaeological discoveries and historical echoes.  Seeds of this project germinated from the gradual discovery of pottery shards emerging from the soil of a garden.  These artifacts, remnants of another era, began to tell a story – perhaps fictional, but rooted in the facts of the past.  The site plan references a transect, commencing at a high elevation manor home, descending past the garden foundation where the artifacts were unearthed, crossing a bottom land creek, and concluding at a woodland cemetery. This path, etched by enslaved individuals who inhabited this former plantation site, now reads as a palimpsest, retraced with a contemporary notation.


1 Comment on “Handmade Harvest: Artifact Narrative #1”

  1. Roger

    These are amazing pages, each crafted with exacting care, precision and intention. This folio ushers the reader through a journey of discovery, compelling phrases, nuanced terrain and tactile beauty.
    A completely marvelous book experience bound together with skill, intelligence and expression.

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