2018 Annual Member’s Project: Pitch Meeting

We are holding a meeting to present ideas for the 2018 members project on Tuesday, February 13th at 5:30 PM in the VABC classroom.  
At our annual meeting, we managed to crack the lid on our member’s project. One of the issues with our recent endeavors is that there tends to be an inordinate amount of meetings that bog down and burn out our resources.  There is a long period in which we labor over what the project should be and what form it should take and then we all make a mad dash in the last few months before the deadline. We burn ourselves out, burn our project managers out, sometimes waste excessive resources because not everyone is on the same page. 
This year we’re going to try and tidy the process up a bit. I (Lana Lambert), Garrett Queen, Bonnie Bernstein, and Lucas Czarnecki have volunteered to serve as a steering committee for the group project so that project management responsibility does not rest solely on one member.  We have come up with a process to take out the necessity for lengthy concept meetings that some people may not make it to anyway.  This year we are going to request that when you pitch a concept, please follow the format used in the example below.  It will give people a better understanding of your concept and help us get through this project-defining period quicker.  Win, win for everyone!  Since Barbara Nordin was first on the bandwagon with an intriguing but yet undeveloped concept, “Passports to Paradise,” we’ll use hers to flesh out a sample presentation outline like so:
  1. WORKING TITLE: “Passports to Paradise”
  2. TOPIC: the afterlife
  3. INSPIRATION: Greek lamellae, inscribed gold tablets found in gravesites dating back to 4thc BC that served as passports to the afterlife
  4. CONCEPT: what we individually consider to be paradise and how we think we will get there (is it a place, a state of mind, reachable?)
  5. FORM/STRUCTURE: oversized passport (bound pamphlet?) with gold foil-stamped title on cover; collective entries, one per artist; each artist uses text and/or visual elements to convey a personal concept of paradise; block cut to be printed as a passport stamp somewhere on the page
  6. SKILL-BUILDING: block cutting, using the hot foiling machine, Vandercook skills, binding
With these six elements in mind, please share your ideas for this year’s project with members at the February 13 meeting! Maybe you were inspired over the summer and tucked your idea away for the right platform.  Maybe you had an epiphany over your breakfast this morning!  Maybe you were too shy to share it at the meeting.  Maybe you couldn’t make it to the meeting.  Hooray! Your time has come! Step right up and pitch us the idea of the century!!! . . . or at least for the year 2018. 🙂
If possible, please send your proposal in advance of the meeting to [email protected]
After ideas have been presented and discussed, all those present at the meeting will vote for their favorite 2 or 3 projects, and the top two will go to the committee for further consideration and a “feasibility study.” The committee will weigh a variety of factors before choosing the 2018 project, such as the potential for creativity and maximizing member participation, skills required, opportunities for collaboration, production costs, marketability, etc.
Looking forward to hearing some great ideas for this year’s project!