“Casing-in” SPEAkING in FACES AX1.0MS

On Saturday, October 28 10 AM – 5 PM we’ll gather to sew signatures, fabricate covers and “case-in” volumes of the progenitor version of Speaking in Faces.

Yolanda Merrill will lead a team binding effort with folks who participated in this past summer’s Letterpress Core Intensive.
In addition experienced VABC members and those who’ve completed our Bookbinding Core are most welcome.
If you’re willing to assist please eMail [email protected].
Note: The binding effort may (if warranted) extend into the next day (Sunday 10/29).

Project Background:

The first pages of this volume were printed more than a decade ago in a daunting attempt to produce a complete reference to the entire collection of the movable type available to VABC printers.

While this endeavor progressed in “fits and starts” over succeeding years its form eventually proved unworkable and was by necessity superseded.

Recognizing the significance of the original effort and our need to preserve the artifact, Letterpress Core participants helped to revive the project into SPEAkING in FACES AX1.0MS.
Taking up the original signatures, augmenting the work with early press illustrations, halftones, and additional handset decorative type the work first begun in 2004 will now at long last be brought to completion.