Passato Prossimo: A Presentation by Lyall Harris

Book artist and VABC member Lyall Harris will present Passato Prossimo and discuss the process on Wednesday, October 4 at 6:00 PM.

In spring 2017 Lyall together with her creative collaborator in Italy Patricia Silva worked to build the exhibition Passato Prossimo in the SRISA Gallery in Florence, Italy, during a three-week residency.
Their materia prima were objects and ephemera that evoke nostalgia, donated by over forty people (including from some VABC members) in an open call to the public.

For Passato Prossimo these artists, who primarily work in the medium of book art, expanded their creative approach in a two-part exhibition: “Imagining the Contributors” photographically documents the complete individual donations from a selection of twelve participants and “The Contributors Reimagined” consists of eight “still lifes” that use at least one item from each contributing participant with poetic interpretations in corresponding folders.
They additionally made souvenir packets of photographs—keepsakes of nostalgia that perpetuate our accumulation of experience-based ephemera.

A selection from Passato Prossimo is currently on view at the San Francisco Public Library as well as the twelve bookworks made by Harris and Silva since they began collaborating in 2014.